There are three parts to the work of God and Country Ministry.

 1- Preaching across the nation to call America back to God.  This is done by:












 2-Serving as the independent chaplain to my state’s capital- Frankfort, Kentucky











 3-Helping develop the next generation into responsible citizens by:

While I  preach in churches across the nation on Sundays, during the week I serve at the Kentucky state Capital.  I am there as a missionary sent by local churches of that state, and am not appointed by the government.  This freedom allows me to uphold the unchanging truths of God’s Word without pressure to compromise with the times.


The ministry at the capital includes providing each legislator a Bible (KJV), having a weekly prayer breakfast for the legislators, and Bible study for the staff, and being available for personal counsel, and soul winning.

-Providing information, highlighting how America started as a Christian nation.  While all the founding fathers were not Christian, they did set up our nation’s systems on the Christian principles laid out in the Bible.


-Calling Christians to action, by informing them of current events, and providing options for steps they can take to have a positive impact.


-Pleading with non-Christians to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, by accepting Him as the son of the living God who died, was buried and rose again on the third day.

In the Capitol Building, I do not represent a political party nor a religious denomination.  I am there as a representative sent by God.  The Lord always sent his man to the king: Nathan was sent to David, Elijah to Ahab, and Paul to Felix.


When asked by a legislator what the churches think about an issue, my answer is that I don’t speak for them, but I can show them what God’s Word says about the topic.

-Working with “Teen Pact” to develop future Christian political leaders


-Providing tours of the Kentucky State Capitol Building, teaching how an idea becomes a law, and highlighting the importance of vigilance and involvement in our government.  To learn more about having a tour, click here.

God & Country Ministry

Click the picture below for a 5 minute video presentation of the ministry.

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